The Missing Link

My simple, one-light approach to creating natural looking light with strobes and flash—created just for natural light photographers!

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Ready to get beautiful images straight out of the camera, every time? 💫

There is no denying the beauty of natural light. But the truth is, natural light isn't always reliable.

  • Sometimes it rains
  • Some days are dark
  • Sometime rooms don't have windows

What if you were guaranteed perfect light every time you picked up your camera?

It's totally possible! I created a simple, one-light approach to creating natural looking light with strobes and flash—and this simple skill took my photography business to six-figures.

Now, I'm here to teach it to you!

Join our community of 2000+ photographers from around the world.

Are you a natural light photographer who's tired of planning sessions around the weather or time of day?

Do you dislike the harsh, flashy look of strobes and flash?

Would you love more consistency and predictability?

You're not alone.

I spent the first 12 years of my business as a natural light photographer, and even though natural light is beautiful, relying on it exclusively caused a lot of problems.

  • I had to cancel and reschedule sessions due to dark or rainy days.
  • My work was inconsistent.
  • My stress levels were high.
  • And sometime my clients were unhappy—the worst!!

The problem was, I hated the look of artificial light. So, I developed my one-light method for creating natural-looking light with strobes and flash.

Now, I have beautiful, consistent light for my photos no matter what situation I find myself in! This one skill helped me grow my business to six-figures.

Friends, I want this for you too!

Ready to learn how to create your own natural looking light?

What's inside?

Take the mystery out of finding the right equipment and the perfect settings!

You'll learn:

Exactly what equipment you need (and what you don't need)
How to set up your equipment so it all works

✨Where to place your lights for a natural light look
How to find the perfect settings for your camera AND your lights

Proper metering techniques for film and digital cameras

✨How to create perfect images straight out of camera

How to light groups with just one light

Bounced lighting techniques

Speedlight flash 101

How to work with artificial lighting on location

Bonus content on building and marketing your brand

And more!

As if that's not enough, you also get:

📸 Lifetime access

📸 Community support

📸 Video tutorials

📸 Bonus modules + branding class

📸 Biweekly live Q+A calls

📸Set up and studio reviews

Not to mention the peace of mind you'll gain knowing that you can create beautiful work under ANY circumstance!

Hi, I'm Sandra!

I'm an award-winning photographer, online educator, best-selling author and speaker empowering photographers to improve their craft, establish standout brands and build six-figure businesses.

I was a natural light photographer for the first 12 years of my career and although I absolutely love the look of natural light, it isn't reliable. This led me to creating my one-light method for using strobes and flash which I teach inside of The Missing Link!

I hope you join me and the 2000+ photographers who have taken control of their light!

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